Insiders' Guide to Marketing Your EFT Practice
Your Personal Marketing Guide to Success in Your Practice

Want MORE Clients??

A steady stream of clients equals financial security.

The Insider's Guide will be your personal mentor showing easy ways to take easy Successful Action Steps to grow your own successful business.

What if you had an easy, understandable AND doable system?

A system that walks you through the marketing jungle.

It doesn't have to be hard and complicated!

Just the term marketing generates uneasiness in most practitioners.

Not sure how to go about reaching your ideal client - those who can benefit most from your services? After all, you've spent your time learning the best ways to help others not how to market your service!

The Insiders' Guide summarizes key marketing steps especially focused for alternative practitioners.

The Un-Marketer's Marketing Guide

  • You have a useful service - Right? 
  • You want to make a difference for others - Right?
  • You want to let people know about what you offer so they can benefit - Right?
  • But, how? Follow the Guide! 

What's in the Guide?

  • Two DVDs with many tips from successful practitioners
  • A CD filled with a140 page manual that answers your most pressing questions. The Manual gives you simple, easy,      helpful steps and resources is your helpful guide to          building your practice.
  • PowerPoint slides that summarize key concepts
Ann, your "Insiders' Guide to Marketing Your EFT Practice" is an absolute gift to this profession! Whether the therapist is a "newbie" or has years of experience and wants to build their practice this is "THE" marketing guide to use.

You hit the mark on so many pitfalls and issues, especially about the "elevator speech." And the DVD's are icing on the cake. Thank you, thank you, thank you.... easily worth 3 times the asking price! You really have done a tremendous job and your passion for marketing just pours from the pages. Well done Ann!

- Peter Shaffer, EFT-Adv

Insiders’ Guide to Marketing Your EFT Practice

Tips from Successful Experts - 2 packed DVDs

Nine highly experienced and successful EFT Master therapists and coaches share how they developed their business. 

They show you the most important steps to take for a successful business.

Achieve your personal business goals in your practice using exclusive tips and advice for marketing.

Ann Adams, LCSW, EFT Cert-Honors and the EFT Masters show you what worked best for them, how they began and grew in their own practices. Each offers practical advice on how YOU can develop your own successful business.

Knowledge creates confidence. The knowledge inside The Insiders' Guide to Marketing Your EFT Practice will increase your confidence in marketing as well as your client flow.  

The Insider's Guide gives essential aspects to marketing that I have not heard from attending the best of marketing seminars - as well as very practical, economical, "what works" tips from successful practitioners. It helped me save time and money in accelerating my EFT practice. There is a wealth of information in this package on marketing your EFT business! - Marie Davis


What's Inside The Insiders' Guide - 140 pages

  • What works and what does not - the most important elements to successfully marketing yourself and your practice
  • 7 Key Referral Methods
  • 8 Best Topics for Articles and Presentations to Groups
  • 10 Most Powerful Networking Questions
  • Easy Ways to Develop Handouts
  • 7 Quick Tips for writing your marketing material
  • Ways to Collaborate to create multiple streams of income
  • Simple Tracking Systems
  • 12 Most Important Characteristics for a Successful Business
  • How to broadcast on the only "radio station" people tune in to: WIFM (What’s in It For Me)
  • Why word of mouth referrals are still the best advertising and how you can easily increase those direct referrals
  • Why following up can be your secret tool to more business
  • AND so much more!!!!  A wealth of information

Your Personal Coach

This package is like having a best friend, mentor and coach asking you what's most important to you about your business and then giving clear guidance and simple and easy actions to make your dreams come true. Sit back with your cup of tea or coffee and drink in the support.

Add this manual to your library and get ready to take action toward the most important steps to grow your business.

Save time and money and accelerate YOUR practice!

This book gives you the answers you need to more forward.

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Key Marketing Concepts Made Simple

One of the dangers in setting up any business is: not knowing what you don’t know! The Insiders’ Guide is your complete marketing informational program for EFT (and other alternative) practitioners. The package covers all the important marketing ideas for alternative practitioners so you don’t miss anything. The manual assures that you are covering all the successful marketing bases.

The Insider's Guide is written by Ann Adams, Director of Gary Craig’s former EFT Masters Program, a successful Licensed Clinical Social Worker and the creator of EFT Masters Showcases. Ann has been involved with marketing activities since 1974 and EFT since 1999. 

Your "Marketing Your Practice" program is just dynamite!! I am writing this glowing testimonial for you because you consistently "over-deliver" and I am very pleased! I now own both your EFT Training Package (EFT4PowerPoint) and this marketing set and I can highly recommend them. I use both programs often. They have been a wonderful boost to my practice.  

Thanks, Dr. Kiya Immergluck,

Special offer: Order Both for a $50 Discount

What do these successful practitioners know  that you don't know?

The DVDs feature exclusive interviews with EFT Masters who overcame the challenges on their way to building successful practices. They give you their favorite business and marketing tips. Carol Look, Pat Carrington, Tania Prince, Jan Luther, Maggie Adkins, Judy Byrne, Rue Hass, Ann Ross, Jaqui Crooks share insights into how they became successful EFT practitioners.

Sharing their Secrets to Success

These EFT Masters, who once started where you are, tell you how  they built their own flourishing EFT practices. They share with you  their favorite How To stories – and how you can do the same!

  • Learn from other successful practitioners!
  • Practical tips, stories and inside information
  • Invaluable suggestions and ideas

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Learn Simple AND Powerful Marketing Concepts

  • Put this knowledge to work right away
  • Concepts are reinforced by an engaging Bonus PowerPoint presentation outlining best marketing practices
  • DVDs of the EFT Masters sharing their successful methods
  • CD that is a step-by-step true Insiders Guide to guide you  along your way to a successful business.                                   CLICK HERE for Sample Pages
  • BONUS - Sample Business forms used by the Masters
"This is truly is one of the best marketing books I have ever read, and I have read a lot!!!" - Marie Fowler, MSW

Treasure Trove of Marketing Ideas

  • Fascinating interviews with successful EFT Masters
  • Effective marketing ideas summarized in an easy to follow format
  • Exercises in the form of useful "Successful Action Steps"
  • Guides you through each marketing concept as it relates to your own practice
  • PowerPoint slides provide easy reinforcement of marketing ideas 
  • DVDs with EFT Masters sharing business ideas that work

Professionally Produced DVDs

The 2 DVDs were professionally videoed and skillfully edited. They contain over two hours of useful tips and advice. The EFT Masters  offer answers to your most common marketing questions.

In Addition, the Insiders’ Guide to Marketing Your EFT Practice is a guide with over 140 pages of effective marketing techniques, suggestions and meaningful successful action steps you can take to build your own business.

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"If practitioners adopt only 10% of these ideas their business will have to grow." - Kari Reed

Who Will Benefit from The Insiders' Guide?

  • You want to become an EFT Practitioner
  • Or you are thinking about starting your own alternative private practice
  • You already have your own practice but
    • You are in need of some new strategies
    • You want to give your existing EFT practice a fresh look
    • You are struggling to attract and keep clients
    • You want to develop your business to its full potential

The Insider’s Guide for Marketing Your EFT Practice was written for YOU!

Convinced this will help your practice? 

Want to know how much?

For ONLY $87 you receive:

  • 2 Hours on 2 DVDs with useful suggestions and tips from the EFT Masters, all running very successful businesses
  • CD with an 140 page guide book packed full of key concepts for your business.  You can add your own relevant information to create your own successful business.  Edit your unique ideas right on your computer
  • PowerPoint slides to reinforce the concepts and to use to train others
  • Special BONUS - Forms from the EFT Masters
    Several Masters share their favorite business forms.
  • Money Back Guarantee - Risk free offer

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Best Value Package

To Receive Occasional free Marketing Tips from Ann click HERE.


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I cannot thank you enough for your top-notch customer service!  Thank you for a much needed product and (again) your customer service! 


Thank you very much for your prompt service.

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Ann Adams

About the Author
Ann Adams coordinated the EFT Master Showcases. She holds a master of social work degree from the University of Georgia and has over 30 years of administration and public relations in the mental health field.

Ann is featured on Gary Craig’s EFT DVD set Specialty Series One discussing the use of EFT with Kids. Ann has focused on the marketing of both private and public practices as well as having extensive training in internet marketing.

As Director of the former EFT Masters Program, she has had the honor of helping certify the most talented and experienced EFT practitioners in the world – many of them are featured on this DVD.